Paddy the Toyota Corolla: Let Me See That Bodywork – Part Deux

Following on from the first video in the “Let Me See That Bodywork” series, here’s the next installment! I’m still working on Paddy the Corolla during lockdown, mostly during the day when I’m not working on Nikita the Lada.

In this episode, I’m carrying on with the work I started in Part One. There’s a lot of sanding back of filler and reapplying it, as well as spray painting the spoiler and starting the process of making the bumper’s black texture smooth and white. I also hit upon a little snap with the rear valance and boot lid of the Corolla, which I show you how to sort out.

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Techniques used in this video, such as smoothing over textured plastics on your car as well as creating and repairing shapes on your car’s bumper plastics can be used on almost any vehicle. All you need are the tools and equipment shown in this video, as well as the time and effort. Elbow grease comes free!

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