Hello Dear Reader,

My Wife Hates This Car is a website about one man’s love of crap-to-average cars, and his wife’s hatred of them. That’s all it is in a nutshell really. I buy a car I like based on gut instinct, and my wife continually tells me how she hates the car. Even though when given the option to walk to work in the morning instead of being driven she surprisingly shuts up about it.

The website, it’s articles and videos, serve as a record of what I have done as well as what can be done with enthusiasm for learning and hard work. I’m not a mechanic. I would class myself as an amateur in the purest sense of the word. I will do something because I can and because it’s interesting. Not because it’ll get loads of views and advertisers knocking the door down to get me to sell a product.

This site isn’t Wheeler Dealers, there’ll be no ‘oldin out yer ‘aaaaand. This site isn’t Car S.O.S, the only sob story will be when I snap a bolt in half before an MOT. This is a site for the people who appreciate the underdogs of the car world, who don’t mind having a go, and would rather watch or read about someone doing just that in the depths of winter while they’re having a nice warm bath.

So take your time, enjoy what you read and watch here, and don’t be afraid to share your opinions with me. Believe me, there is nothing you can say that can be worse than the language my wife used when I come home with a £250 Toyota Corolla.

Best regards,