Paddy the Toyota Corolla: Let Me See That Bodywork

Paddy the 1998 Toyota Corolla E11 in Let Me See That Bodywork

This is the first video of Paddy the 1998 Toyota Corolla that I’ve published. It’s an odd time really, as during the weekend when I was editing this video we lost our beautiful family dog Belle. We rescued her 8 years ago and has been a proper companion to all of us, and she’s left a huge gap in our lives. So this video is for her.

Belle was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who we rescued 8 years ago. She was the perfect dog, and she'll be missed.
Quite literally the best dog you could ever have hoped to have the company of. We miss her.

This video started out as a bit of a lockdown project. I’m currently lucky enough to be working from home, so during my hour break I thought I’d see how much I could do in that time. While I could (and probably should) be spending that time on Nikita the Lada, I felt actually it would be a great time to do jobs on Paddy’s bodywork seeing as I wasn’t driving him.

The jobs started were the removal of the rear bumper as well as the rear spoiler. Both of these were going to be painted by spray can, because I’m cheap and I wanted to see how good of a job could be achieved with these methods. It also meant it was a good opportunity to do some fibre glass work to the rear bumper to fix a hole caused by an ill fitting exhaust.

I hope you enjoy the video and you learn something from it. Jobs shown here on this Toyota Corolla can be applied to any vehicle. As ever, if you liked what you saw and found it useful, please consider subscribing to the channel and sharing the video!

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