Nikita The Lada 2101 – The Car That Came In From The Cold

In this new era of self isolation and social distancing, I did what I could do make sure no one came near me. I finally got Nikita the Lada 2101 delivered home!

A polaroid photo of my Lada 2101 inside my garage.
A photo of a Polaroid of my Lada inside my garage. A proud moment!

As you can see, just like me in jeans, this Lada 2101 is a tight fit. It isn’t impossible to get inside of, again like me in jeans, but going forward space management will need to be a priority. I can just about get in to the car through the drivers door.

Since it arrived, the only work that’s been done is to go through the parts it came with, remove the seats and start to clean off all of the mold that’s been living there for God knows how long.

The roof lining of my Lada 2101 is made of vinyl and is covered in mold. It'll be easy to clean once I remove it from the car.
The roof lining, made of vinyl, is covered in mold.

Currently, as I write this, I’m researching how to remove the head lining from there so that I’m able to clean it properly. Once I’ve found out how to do that, the roof lining and door cards will be removed. Leaving a bare shell to inspect.

Here’s the video of the progress so far. It’s more of an introduction to the car, and what state it’s in. More videos will be posted shortly! So visit our YouTube channel by clicking here, or like us on our Facebook page here.

Nikita The Lada 2101 - 001: The Car That Came In From The Cold
Nikita The Lada 2101 - 001: The Car That Came In From The Cold

Finally after 14 months Nikita, my Lada 2101, finally arrives home! Watch the video tour and introduction of this beautiful Lada Zhiguli.

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